Our Philosophy

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Philosophy Statement

We believe that young children learn best when provided with a quality early childhood environment with ample opportunities to engage in play experiences. We emphasise the value of open ended and natural play materials such as sand and water as being essential to the healthy development of young children.

Quality play experiences provide endless opportunities to practice life skills, develop thinking and representational skills and to make sense of the world through investigation, exploration, manipulation, questioning and discovery. Play offers young children a stimulating and intrinsically motivating way of interacting with people and objects around them.

Children are encouraged to be independent learners; to self select materials and equipment and to initiate and control their own play experiences and learning while being facilitated and guided by qualified and experiences early childhood professionals.

Our programs are child focused and interest based with a focus on open ended, natural elements. We acknowledge that young children are powerful, resourceful, imaginative, creative and enthusiastic learners and bring with them a strong ability to control their own learning. We embrace the concept that young children can largely direct their own learning as they explore and discover through play.

We recognize that development in young children varies immensely and we aim to meet the needs and interests of each child within our care. We aim to provide a happy, safe, stimulating and fun environment in which young children are encouraged to develop their independence and self esteem. Emphasis is placed on the development of a strong positive self image and involvement of the child as an active learner.

We recognize the importance of developing open, positive, trusting relationships with parents and encourage parent involvement and participation within the centre and it’s programs.

Our highly qualified and experienced early childhood educators aim to achieve excellence in their role as facilitators, role models and nurturers of young children’s learning and development.