Our Educators

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We aim to provide continuity of care for the children where possible and aim to employ experienced and qualified staff who are familiar to the children to ensure quality programs, interactions and environments for the children. At times it is necessary to employ agency staff to ensure that we meet ratio requirements  and in the event of staff absences or illness. Where possible, we aim to employ experienced agency staff from a well known children’s services agency who are known to the children and families at Kew Kids ELC.

Management Staff

Director: Madeleine Kellaway

Co-ordinator: Kylie Kenyon

Educational Leader: Astha Pearce

4 year old Kinder

Kinder Teacher: Vidyawati Hendrik
Co-Educator: Victoria Andersen

3 year old Kinder

Kinder Teacher:  Yvette Andrey
Kinder Teacher: Tri Purarjanti
Associate: Justeen Galofaro


Team Leader: Pinky Fung
Co-Educator: Diana Zhang
Associates: Alice Yeap, Maria Garcia, Sukanya Veeratianpinyo

Toddler Room

Team Leader: Roya Manochehri
Co-Educator: Sessie Hernandez
Associates: Vineeta Mann, Sukanya Veeratianpinyo, Cathy Pickup, Victoria Andersen

Babies Room

Team Leader: Pia James
Associates: Vineeta Mann, Sieng Khann, Cathy Pickup


Sonia Goubran, Rosemary Kyatt, Zhe Bin Luo

Permanent Floaters and Casuals

Rita Suppa, Georgie Papigiotis, Susie Sartoretto, Elham Irak, Karen Mak

*indicates part time staff for that room